Shipping and return policies for Barrfparty

Shipping Info
CDs are manufactured on-demand by Createspace or Kunaki and not handled by me. They will be ordered through the service by me as soon as I receive the order, and they will be sent directly to you from whichever company is producing that particular product. If you're in the US, you can expect to see your CD in the next couple of weeks, anywhere else, allow extra time depending on your distance from the US.

Your order will be marked as shipped upon ordering, but please allow a few days to a week for them to produce your CD before shipping it.

If you feel you've been waiting too long, please get in contact with me to sort things out!
Return Policy
All CDs sold via Barrfparty are created on demand by either Createspace or Kunaki and are not handled by me. For this reason I cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damages, but do get in contact with me anyway, we can probably sort something out for you!